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   We are a full-service veterinary hospital that offers specialty and generalized pet care. We offer a wide variety of diagnostic services, x-ray examinations, surgical procedures, vaccinations and routine check ups. As a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital, we also offer auxiliary services such as overnight boarding services.
   We pride ourselves on working closely with you and your pet to offer the best professional medical care available. We are a high-quality, low cost vet clinic where you and your pet both love to visit. We are dedicated not only treating your pet, but also to implementing preventative care to keep them healthy and happy.
   Our experienced and qualified team provides services that aid in making pets thrive. Through continuing education we stay up to date with the most recent developments within the veterinarian field, and are devoted to exercising compassion in all of our interactions. Not only do we provide quality care to your pets, we also support you as the caretaker.
   As well as all the services that we offer on the clinic, we now opened a Pet Supply & Grooming store. In here we provide with some of the most essential news for you pet. In the section of food, we offer wet and dry food as well as treats on the most popular and recommended brands from our Drs, such as Royal Canin, Hill’s - Science Diet, Eukanuba, Wellness, Nutro – Ultra, and Taste of the Wild. We also offer a small portion of fish, birds and common pet rodents supply. And in the section of cats and dogs we offer from treats to carriers to shampoo and flea/tick treatment. And in case that you wander, yes, we do offer GROOMING from Shih Tzu’s summer cut to German Shepherd’s full shave.
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